Cow safari or bull safari in Jaipur: Take your best pick

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Tourists in Rajasthan can now spend time among its 15,000 cows.
Tourists in Rajasthan can now spend time among its 15,000 cows.

Jaipur : Keep aside the camel safari in Jasailmer or the tiger safari in Sariska, it’s time to gear up for cow safari in Jaipur. Yes, the tourism department in Rajasthan is planning to launch cow and bull safari for tourists in the state. 

Hingonia Gaushala, a state-owned cow shelter on the outskirts of Jaipur, will now allow visitors temporary stays. They will also be able to spend time among its 15,000 cows. They will now be able to see the cattle of cows, buffaloes and bulls roaming around in the open grounds

Tourists in the desert state can watch the animals graze, feed them, clean them, massage them and even milk them. If they are just there for sightseeing, 30 breeds of desi cows will be on offer. If in the mood for some adventure, they can climb up on "machans" on tall trees.

Tagged as Rajasthan’s biggest Gaushala, it hit the national headlines in 2016 when thousands of cows died here within two months due to mismanagement of government authorities.

Speaking to media, the in charge of Hingonia Gowshalya said, “We are making a separate track for Bull Safari. Also, there will be stay arrangements of the visitors. Apart from the safari, the technique to get milk using advanced machines will be shown to the visitors.”

The idea of Bull Safari is being taken by the Akshaya Patra Foundations and the safari will happen in Hingonia Punarvas Kendra. The Akshay Patra maintaining the Hingonia Gaushalya is situated 15 kilometers from Jaipur is under construction and the place will soon be ready for tourists.

 At present, the money spent on cows is derived from around 2,500 litres of milk being collected in the Gaushala on a daily basis. Besides, 800 packets of buttermilk, ghee and bottles of gomutra are also sold.