Delhi Govt and Scrap Mafias Flout Vehicles Scrapping Policy, 5000 Vehicles Disappeared, Alleges Aam Aadmi Sena

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Delhi Govt and Scrap Mafias Flout Vehicles Scrapping Policy, 5000 Vehicles Disappeared, Alleges Aam Aadmi Sena
Delhi Govt and Scrap Mafias Flout Vehicles Scrapping Policy, 5000 Vehicles Disappeared, Alleges Aam Aadmi Sena

New Delhi : Aam Aadmi Sena's National President, Shri Prabhat Kumar, has alleged that the Delhi government's Transport Department and scrap mafias have violated the notifications of the central government on the Vehicles Scrapping Policy. According to Shri Kumar, more than 5000 ten Years old Diesel cars and 15 years old Petrol cars have been forcefully lifted in Delhi and made disappeared, in violation of the Central Government's scrapping policy guidelines.

Speaking at a press conference at the Press Club of India, Shri Prabhat Kumar stated that the Delhi government and scrap mafias have bypassed the notifications of the NGT and the central government. He alleged that the public vehicles were lifted from houses of the car owners by cranes through forceful intimidation and without any prior notice, by showing fear of the enforcement team of the Delhi Government. 

Prabhat Kumar further claimed that he has evidence that the central government clearly wrote it to the Delhi government to give written notice to the vehicle owner and inform about it to the Central Government. However, the rules were flouted, and about 5000 vehicles were made to disappear from Delhi. The information lies neither with the Delhi government nor the vehicle owners about their vehicles' whereabouts. It poses a major concern of safety and security. 

Mr. Kumar appealed to the Delhi government to answer the questions to the public about the whereabouts of the missing vehicles. He also questioned whether these vehicles are being involved in any anti-national activities. He further urged the central government to take immediate notice of this matter and arrest any guilty officer in this case (Enforcement, Delhi Government, and Scrap Mafia).

In Mr. Kumar's words, "This is a blatant violation of the government's notifications on the scrapping policy. It is a massive fraud on the people of Delhi and an insult to the rule of law. We urge the central government to take swift action against those responsible for this heinous act.  The allegations are severe and require immediate attention. We will also write it to the NIA, CBI, Police Commissioner, Delhi and the Hon'ble Lt. Governor, Delhi for immediate actions. The Delhi government needs to answer these questions and take appropriate action to rectify the situation."

The Delhi Transport Department without any authority and in the absence of any lawful direction issued by the Hon'ble NGT or any other Court, has arbitrarily acted beyond the purview of their power and conducted a voluntary scrapping drive, whereby scrappers from various other states, irrespective of their legitimate license and/or operational status have been handed over vehicles from Delhi NCR. Such vehicles were neither properly challaned nor accounted for. The seizure notices  issued at the time of forceful removal of such vehicles  do not even bear any serial number. The only source of getting the number of vehicles so wrongfully seized is the word of mouth of the Transport Department officials or the Transport Department Commissioner/Minister without any documentary proof to substantiate or validate the number so declared. The extent of this scam is huge and needs a thorough investigation to narrow down the wrong doers who executed this misusing their power and position."

Aam Aadmi Sena has also complained against 8 firms for the investigation in this case by the agencies, i.e., iM/s Bharat Scrap Facilities, M/s Bharat Motors, M/s Global Ultra Tech, M/s Nirvana Scrappers, M/s Select Technical Services, M/s Go Green ELVs Handlers, M/s Saral Auto Scraping India Pvt. Ltd and M/s MTC Business Pvt. Ltd.

Smt. Bhavna Arora, President, National Woman Wing (Aam Aadmi Sena), Mr. Ved Prakash, Delhi State President and Mr. Satish Chauhan, Media in-charge, were also present.