DMRC fines over 2200 passengers for allegedly not wearing masks during metro travel

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Delhi Metro Passengers (Image: Twitter)
Delhi Metro Passengers (Image: Twitter)

New Delhi : In less than two weeks, since the metro train services were resumed in the national capital, the DMRC has issued a fine to over 2200 passengers after they were found violating the guideline of mandatorily wearing a mask during their commute.

According to DMRC data, from September 11 — when the rail corporation started imposing fines for mask violations — till September 20, at least 2,214 commuters had been fined for not wearing masks.

Also, there is a report which claims that the DMRC officials have counseled, not fined, over 5000 passengers for properly following the guidelines during their travel from train to ensure their safety from coronavirus spread.

Four days after its graded resumption of services, the DMRC had formed a special flying squad for each of its nine operational corridors to ensure that commuters wear masks inside the Metro network at all times and abide by social distancing norms.

These teams move in and out of trains and stations in the lines assigned to them and if any passenger is found to be violating the rules, they counsel them. If a commuter still refuses to fall in line and wear a mask, then they fined under Section 59 of Delhi Metro’s Operations and Maintenance Act.

Under this section, violators can be imposed a fine of R200 for creating public nuisance.

According to the official data available on the website, the most number of fines are on the Yellow line.