Lesser known facts about living life inside White House

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Lesser known facts about living life inside White House
Lesser known facts about living life inside White House

Washington : The White House is one of the most important buildings in the USA; of course, President of the United States, often referred as POTUS, resides in there. However, the life of a president inside the building in not revealed, but there are some facts which are known.

Here are some little known facts about America's most prestigious building:

WiFi issues across the building

In 2016, the Obamas had informed the CBS that there are many WiFi dead spots inside the building. Looks like Trump must be having a sweet spot for sharing his tweets.

First kids can hold their prom in the White House

Susan Ford threw the first (and only, as of yet) White House prom in 1975. It sure beats the old gymnasium!

The President is billed for his food expenses

It is a common notion that taxpayer’s money is used to provide luxuries to the politicians, but this is not the case in White House. The First Family is billed every month for food, dry cleaning, toothpaste, and so forth. Maybe that’s why they have a garden!

Code when President gets romantic

When President gets intimate with the first lady, the code phrase used is: "They are discussing the Bosnian problem." Very serious and urgent business that must be tended to, of course.

Dentist in the basement

For that presidential smile! The dental office is part of a strip mall that also features a flower shop, chocolate shop, carpenter's shop, and engineer's shop.

No private entrance or exit in the building

You can't sneak away! Another downside to living in what is essentially a museum is that staff and tourists have access to the Diplomatic Room right near the living quarters, so the First Family often has to duck out of sight.

Only American wine is served inside the building

While the first family is allowed to order any drink inside the building, the only wine served in the White House comes from American-grown grapes.

Mouse issues like your house

In 2017, White House officials requested pest control to remove the mice from the Situation Room.

No matter what Windows cannot be opened

For the security reasons, the first family is not allowed to open the windows of the White House.

Watch movies before anyone else

The White House Family Theater gets films sent straight from Hollywood at any time day or night, and often before the films' public release!

The White House honey comes from an on-site beehive

Built in 2009, the beehive hosts thousands of First Bees on the White House lawn and are taken care of by the official beekeeper.

They serve hipster-approved coffee

The president can enjoy a trendy pour-over coffee from the now-famous Chemex brand glass brewing device. Obama's hip administration managed to snag 50 of them.

Moving in takes only six hours

A staff of nearly 100 ushers and movers are given only six hours to move new presidents in, and they get the same amount of time to move old presidents out, meaning there is absolutely no downtime.

You can still cook your own food

The First Family has a kitchen of their own in their living quarters, and Hillary Clinton was known to have enjoyed making breakfast for her daughter to help create a sense of normalcy.

You don’t carry cash on you

George H.W. Bush and Reagan never carried cash, and there’s no need for it since everything just gets added to a tab.

Haunted White House

Jenna Bush was convinced the White House was haunted, claiming that "millions of ghosts" roamed the mansion and "opera noises" came from the fireplace.

There’s a pool!

An indoor pool was added by Roosevelt in 1933, and Ford built one outside in 1975. Unfortunately, Nixon transformed the indoor pool into the press briefing room.

You might hate it

Not every president enjoyed living in the big house, particularly Harry Truman who called it a "glamorous prison" and "the great white jail."