Nine countries to ease travel restrictions from May 1

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Nine countries to ease travel restrictions from May 1 (Image: Pixabay)
Nine countries to ease travel restrictions from May 1 (Image: Pixabay)

New Delhi : In a good news for travel enthusiasts, nine countries have decided to lift the travel restrictions due to coronavirus infection.

The list of nine countries and the relaxations they are offering related to coronavirus travel are as follows:

1: Thailand

Thailand has intended to put an end on pre and post arrival testing of international passengers from May 1 onwards. This implies on all passengers regardless of their vaccination status.

2: Greece

The coronavirus restrictions will be lifted on May 1 for all international passengers. There will be no need of producing the vaccination certificate or a covid 19 negative result to enter Greece.


The Caribbean paradise of Turks and Caicos will no longer require pre-arrival vaccinations for fully vaxxed travellers beginning May 1.

4: Hong Kong

The restriction on inbound international passengers at Hong Kong will be relaxed. The vaccinated non-residents will have to follow the government guidelines for smooth travel.

5: Malaysia

Malaysia is likely to end many restrictions from May 1 onwards, including the need to wear a mask outside.

6: Lithuania

From May 1, all travellers will be able to enter Lithuania without restriction, even if they do not have a vaccination, recovery, or test certificate.

7: Bulgaria

From Sunday, May 1, the requirement for travellers to provide a vaccination, recovery, or test certificate will be repealed in Bulgaria.


All fully vaccinated visitors to Fiji will no longer be required to submit a pre-arrival negative COVID-19 test before entrance.


Switzerland, one of the most famous global tourist destinations, has lifted all entrance limitations that had been in place during the pandemic, with effect from May 2.