12-year-old boy design ship to save marine life

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Representational Image
Representational Image

New Delhi : Good news! A 12-year-old Pune-based boy has designed a ship named 'ERVIS' that will help reduce pollution in the ocean and save marine life. Haaziq Kazi has designed a ship which has saucers in its base to suck plastic and other forms of waste from the ocean and segregate it. “The ship has saucers surrounding it, with centripetal force to suck in the waste and store it in the chamber. The waste then gets segregated between marine life, water and the waste,” Kazi told media.

“While marine life and water is sent back to the ocean, the waste is segregated into 5 more parts, oil, large waste, medium waste, small waste and micro waste. These 5 wastes go to the chambers, but before that, we take a small bit from everything, so that we can analyse it because we don’t know a lot about the waste that pollutes our oceans.” says Haaziq Kazi, a student in Pune.

Kazi said that he got the idea to design the ship when he was 9 years old. It was through documentaries that he learned about the hazards of plastic pollution on marine life and humans.

“There is a lot of waste in the ocean and it is affecting marine life. If we don’t do anything about it soon, it is going to affect my generation and the next generation. We sometimes eat fish, so the plastic is coming back to us. And it will harm us in huge ways. So it’s like karma – what goes around, comes around.” says Haaziq Kazi, student.

Kazi has presented his idea on an international platform and his efforts at this early age have been lauded by many scholars and organisations.

“I hope ERVIS becomes a reality, so that I can do my part in making the Earth a greener place; so that this generation and the next generation can have a better place to live in.” added Kazi

For now, Kazi is working with various forums to create public awareness on plastic pollution and the ways to prevent it.