These amazing sea creatures are must-watch

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Christmas Tree Worms (Representational image)
Christmas Tree Worms (Representational image)

New Delhi : The underwater world is home to different kinds of fantastic sea creatures. Not just the coral colonies, there are amazing sea animals which are must-watch at least one's in lifetime. Now, if you're thinking about scuba diving, which is not always possible, then we have an alternative way to help you know about the most eye-catching creatures in the world. Just scroll down the page and take a deep dive into the words written.

Giant Japanese Spider Crab

Giant Japanese Spider Crab has lengthy legs which span more than 4.5 metres (15 feet). The crabs, which can live to the ripe old age of 100, are found in deep water off the coast of Japan.

Enypniastes eximia

Enypniastes eximia is a a kind of sea cucumber. Some of the first marine explorers to discover this strange creature dubbed it a ‘headless chicken fish'. It lives in water about 2,400 metres (8,000 feet) deep in the Celebes Sea off the island of Borneo.

Giant Pacific Octopus

Octopuses need no introduction. Masters of camouflage, octopuses can change colours to match their surroundings, which is a huge help both for hunting and avoiding predators. The biggest of the bunch is the Giant Pacific Octopus, which can grow to sizes of about five metres (16 feet) across on average.

Female anglerfish

Much like fishermen cast their rods and hope to get a catch, female anglerfish swim around in deep water with a built-in fishing rod attached to their head. Instead of a hook, their ‘rod’ is topped with a luminous lure that draws prey close enough to be snatched up.

Great white shark

Stacked with sharp teeth, great white sharks are generally found in coastal temperate waters around the world, but also swim in a range of depths and temperatures. Sometimes as big as six metres (20 feet) long, but often a little smaller, these toothy beasts are the biggest predatory fish on the planet.

Tongue-eating louse

The tongue-eating louse is not the sort of thing you’d ever want to find in your fish supermarket. This nasty little beast enters through the gills, attaches itself to a fish’s tongue and sucks out blood. This eventually causes the tongue to die and fall out, at which point the loathsome louse attaches itself to the remaining stump. 

Flying fish

The flying fish is the winged wonder of the water, the torpedo-shaped flying fish can swim away from predators at an astonishing 60 km/h (35 miles per hour). Flying fish are found in all the world’s oceans, and can be found in tropical and temperate environments.


Also known as the world's ugliest animal, the beastly blobfish is a fantastically grotesque creature that has been compared to an underwater version of Star Wars villain Jabba the Hut. This muscle-free mass of gelatin floats around in deep water off the coast of southern Australia and Tasmania, eating crabs and lobsters.

Christmas Tree Worms

Christmas Tree Worms are colourful species which have central tube ringed with a spiral of retractable radioles that are used for breathing and feeding. Divers and snorkelers would consider it a true gift to catch a glimpse of one of these worms living in tropical coral reefs around the world.