Gigantic Ring of Galaxies puts a question mark onEinstein's Gravity theory

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Einstein's gravity theory under questionable evidences
Einstein's gravity theory under questionable evidences

New Delhi : New findings have raised serious questions over the authenticity of Einstein's gravity theory; researchers have noticed a gigantic ring of galaxies darting away from us much faster than predicted.

Researchers have claimed a mini Big Bang after a 10 million light year-wide ring made up of galaxies has been seen expanding rapidly.

The team believes our neighbouring galaxy, Andromeda, once flew past our own galaxy at close range, creating a sling-shot of several small galaxies.

“If Einstein’s gravity were correct, our galaxy would never come close enough to Andromeda to scatter anything that fast,” said Dr Hongsheng Zhao from the University of St Andrews in the UK.

If this stands correct then there will an urgent need to rewrite gravity theory explained by Einstein.