NASA's Cassini begins Grand Finale around Saturn, Google celebrates

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New Delhi : NASA's Cassini spacecraft is all set for its final 22 orbits between Saturn and its rings. It will be called as Grand Finale and as always Google is celebrating it on its homepage.

The largest search engine, through its doodle celebrated the 20-year journey of Cassini.

The doodle shows Cassini spacecraft taking images of the Saturn as it passes through its rings.

The orbits will be first of its kind because no spacecraft have explored the gap earlier. The spacecraft will use its dish shaped antenna as protective shield when it will be passing through the rings.

Smoke particles are expected between the rings but the team has taken protective measures for the first orbit.


The spacecraft will collect rich and valuable information far beyond the mission’s original plan, including measuring Saturn’s gravitational and magnetic fields, determining ring mass, sampling the atmosphere and ionosphere, and making the last views of Enceladus.