NASA Cassini to explore unknown territory during Grand Finale

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NASA's Cassini rover
NASA's Cassini rover

New Delhi : Get ready to witness no one has ever seen as NASA's Cassini has been scheduled to explore an unknown territory during the last leg of its journey Grand Finale.

The Grand Finale had begun 1 month and 3 days ago after the spacecraft completed successfully 20 years in space.

With only four rings left, NASA's Cassini will enter into the atmosphere of Saturn. And Cassini will operate in a region never explored before. 

With hopes to keep Cassini operations normal, scientists are trying their best to procure maximum information from the final phase.

Linda Spilker, JPL Cassini project scientist, is very proud of the probe’s success so far. She says that once the Cassini Probe manages to pass the 5 rings and plunge into Saturn’s atmosphere it will be the first atmospheric probe to ever do that.