International Potato Center researchers find ways to harvest life on Mars

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Scientists identify variety of potatoes that can be grown on Mars
Scientists identify variety of potatoes that can be grown on Mars

New Delhi : In another development to find life on planet Mars, the scientists have identified nearly 4000 varieties of potatoes that can be grown on the red planet.

Team of scientists at the International Potato Center in Lima, Peru, managed to grow potatoes using nutrient-enriched water inside a heremetically sealed vessel called the CubeSat.

The CubeSat allowed scientists to subject the potato variety to extreme conditions similar to those on the Red Planet, Valdivia-Silva told EFE. (Also Read: This is how scientists are planning to bring life back on Mars)

"The most important result is that this suggests we are going to be able to cultivate a potato, in a controlled manner, in conditions similar to Mars," the researcher said.

As per report, Mars comes with an atmosphere that has 95% of CO2 concentration and temperature as low as -60 degree celcius. (Also Read: NASA scientists finalise three landing sites on Mars)

So, now we have probability of water, trick to grow potatoes and also a vehicle to reach there; it's good time think if you would want to move and settle on Mars. (Don't miss: Side effects of travelling to Mars)