Active volcanoes discovered on Venus; Read on

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Active volcanoes discovered on Venus; Read on
Active volcanoes discovered on Venus; Read on

New Delhi : Volcanoes are a mountain which erupts lava, hot vapour, gas or rock from the earth's crust via a vent. Volcanoes are relatively common in India and on earth but they're not all active. Now, imagine finding active volcanoes on some other planet? Researchers have found evidence that Venus has warm and churning interiors, unlike Mars and Mercury where the interiors are cold. With 3D models of the planet's interiors, scientists have managed to spot 37 active volcanic structures on Venus. This means that Venus has a geologically active interior.

Prof Laurent Montési from University of Maryland who is the co-author of the study explains that their findings, “significantly changes the view of Venus from a mostly inactive planet to one whose interior is still churning and can feed many active volcanoes.”For the purpose of this study, scientists created high-resolution 3D simulations of coronae formations which is based on numerical models of thermo-mechanic activity beneath the surface of the planet. This shows the active coronae which means that the interior of the plant is evolving and active.

In fact, active clusters of coronae were spotted in different areas on Venus. Coronae are ring-shaped structures which are formed when plumes of hot material rise up through mantle layer and crust from within the planet. Coronae are usually considered as the evidence of geological activity and warm interiors in a planet but because the interiors of Venus has cooled down the geological activity has also reduced but this new study contradicts the old study that said so.