Airplane size asteroid headed towards Earth, D-day on Wednesday

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Asteroid heading towards Earth
Asteroid heading towards Earth

New Delhi : An asteroid of an airplane size is headed towards the planet earth and it is scheduled to cross the Earth's orbit on Wednesday, said NASA, ensuring there is no reason to worry with the phenomenon as there is no danger to the planet.

As it crosses Earth’s orbit, the near-Earth asteroid named 2020 RK2 will be about 38,30,238 kilometres from Earth.

Talking about the size of the planet, the asteroid is about 80 metres wide (which can be as big as Boeing 747) and travelling at 6.68km every second.

Last month, NASA had announced a new MoU between them and the US Department of Defence to ensure safe and smooth space missions.

“NASA is tasked with discovering and tracking near-Earth #asteroids. Deep space survey and tracking technology is an area of collaboration between @NASA and @SpaceForceDOD,” NASA Asteroid Watch, the Planetary Defence Coordination Office of the US space agency, said in a tweet.