Hawaii astronomers capture high resolution infra-red picture of Jupiter with lucky imaging technique

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Jupiter Highest Resolution Image
Jupiter Highest Resolution Image

New Delhi : Astronomers have captured the high resolution images of planet Jupiter ever obtained from the earth using a special "lucky imaging technique."

The remarkable images have been captured in infrared by the Gemini North Telescope on Hawaii’s dormant volcano Mauna Kea. It traces glowing regions of warmth that lurk beneath the gas giant's cloud tops and reveal lightning strikes and storm systems forming around deep clouds of water ice and liquid.

Lazer technique is used by the scientists to better understand the internal activities on the planet.

The study was led from the University of California at Berkeley. It was part of a joint programme of observations that involved Hubble and the Juno spacecraft that's currently orbiting the fifth planet from the Sun.

According to Michael Wong who led the research team, ''The Gemini data were critical because they allowed us to probe deeply into Jupiter’s clouds on a regular schedule.''

''We used a very powerful technique called lucky imaging which scrubs out the blurring effect of looking through Earth's turbulent atmosphere,'' he added.