Jupiter and Saturn to appear closest in skies: When and how to watch the rare event?

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Jupiter and Saturn to appear closest in skies on December 21, 2020
Jupiter and Saturn to appear closest in skies on December 21, 2020

New Delhi : A treat for sky gazers is set to come when Jupiter and Saturn will come closest in the skies with just 0.06 degrees apart, making it one of the best planetary conjunctions in years.

The rare event in the sky has been named "Great Conjunction 2020"; it will be seen in the skies on December 21, 2020. It is expected that both the planets will shine bright during the twilight.

Saturn takes 29 earth-years to complete one full orbit of the sun while Jupiter takes 12 earth-years. So, approximately every 19 years they come close to each other and are visible in the night sky from our planet. 

If someone misses watching it now then the next time when people would be able to see it will be on October 31, 2040.

How to watch Great Conjunction 2020?

If you are among those who are not going to miss the event this year, then you must look southwest to find Jupiter and its left or further east to find Saturn.

The last time Jupiter and Saturn were visible this close was back in 1623, and now after almost four centuries, they will appear in the night sky again. This is once-in-a-generation planetary conjunction, so mark your calendars and look up at the night sky on December 21.