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  • Sore throat in winter, home remedies to get well soon
    HealthSore throat in winter, home remedies to get well soon

    Winter season though enjoyable, yet it comes with alarming health problems. One common winter foe is painful sore throat which really makes it difficult to swallow, eat or drift off to sleep. One must know that the prickly throat can be an indicator that a cold virus has penetrated the immune system and the person may have bad days at the end.

    7 months ago
  • Monsoon flu: Try these simple home remedies
    HealthMonsoon flu: Try these simple home remedies

    Come monsoon and our homes get loaded with unwanted viral diseases, commonly termed as ‘Flu’ The term flu or influenza are a little different from the common cold, which usually develops slowly, However, flu caused by virus tends to affect a person and affects the upper respiratory tract. The complaint of body aches, fever, headache, blocked or runny nose and sneezing seems to dominate the aura. Definitely, some medicines in your nearby pharmacy can cure the problems but simple natural preparations in our own homes can help address minor complaints at the initial stage. A city nutritionist has come up with a few traditional antidotes which have also been supported by scientific evidence.

    1 year ago