Team India encounter Vijay Mallya in London, avoid him

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Team India encounters Vijay Mallya in London, avoid him
Team India encounters Vijay Mallya in London, avoid him

London : Fugitive businessman Vijay Mallya dropped in for a charity event organised by Virat Kohli's foundation in London; and to stay out of any controversy Team India maintained a safe distance, mostly by avoiding him.

Infact, this has also been learned that Team India left from the event early due to Vijay Mallya's presence.

A report by TOI quotes top source from BCCI as saying, "Look, Virat or his foundation never invited Mallya at the function. But normally what happens at the charity dinner is that someone who has bought a table is entitled to invite his guests. Similarly, someone who bought a table must have invited him."

"The Indian team wasn't comfortable and they maintained a dignified distance from Mallya. Mallya's presence is one of the reason that team left early. The players were very uncomfortable. It was an unavoidable situation as one couldn't have possibly asked him to leave," the source said.

What is interesting that Vijay Mallya used to be the owner of Royal Challengers Bangalore captained by Virat Kohli.

Mallya has been hiding in London as Indian government is trying for his extradition from UK for alleged unpaid debts to the tune of Rs 9000 crore.