Are you blushing? : Sakshi teases 'cutie', 'sweetie' Dhoni

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Are you blushing? : Sakshi teases 'cutie', 'sweetie' Dhoni
Are you blushing? : Sakshi teases 'cutie', 'sweetie' Dhoni

New Delhi : In a series of videos shared on the social media on Tuesday, Sakshi Dhoni called Mahendra Singh Dhoni 'cutie' and 'sweetie'.

In the post captioned as 'sweetie of the day', Sakshi can be seen continuously teasing Mahendra Singh Dhoni as he completes his check out formalities at a hotel.

In the first video, MS Dhoni is seen bringing down their luggage when she starts calling him "Sweetie". "At least look at me," she says as he walks away before asking "why is my sweetie not looking at me?" She follows him to a counter where he is signing some papers while calling him "cutie of the day" and then goes on to ask a staff member standing with him "He's so cute, no?" The hotel staffer smiles and agrees before she asks him again.

In the second video, Dhoni is seen walking towards Sakshi and her friends when she says, "How cute are you looking," before asking him "Are you blushing?" as he struggles to hold back his smile.

"Can you do something to throw her out?" he cheekily asks her friends as they giggle.

The video is a perfect example of how lovely is the bond between Sakshi and Mahendra Singh Dhoni. The former Indian skipper has not played any game for India since India's exit from the World Cup 2019 in the semi-finals.