Meet Omer Landau, one of Israel’s most successful boxer

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Omer Landau
Omer Landau

Following your passion is often not easy. The road is filled with various obstacles, from lack of finances to support your ideas, critics, and many self-doubts that threaten your journey. However, you can overcome all this and reach the top, just like celebrated boxer Omer Landau.

Despite facing countless challenges, Omer chose to fight for his passion defying all odds to cement his spot in the industry. Today he is one of Israel’s most successful boxers, having won several championships. Omer Landau was in second place at the Europe amateur boxing championships. Omer has also had the opportunity to train with world champions like Miguel Cotto, Floyd Mayweather, and Manny Pacquiao.

He says that although the journey has been harrowing, looking back, he is grateful for choosing to remain focused on his passion. Omer developed an interest in boxing from a young age. By the time he was 12, he was already participating in different tournaments, winning Israel’s boxing championship from 12 till he was 20 years old.

The skills he gained training with some of the best in the industry are now helping him in his fights. Omer has had 6 KO’s from six fights as a pro, making him one of Israel’s most known pro boxers and the only one representing Israel in the United States and Europe. He says that by sharing his story, he wants to inspire others and encourage all to work hard for their dreams.

While talent is essential for success, it takes more than that to excel, says Omer. He notes that your hard work, discipline, and dedication highly determine your success. 

As a pro boxer, one of the biggest challenges Omer has had to face was to win all the battles in the knockouts in the first round. He says overcoming this, he had to change his mindset and his entire game plan helping him better focus on his strengths and weaknesses.

Changing his mindset also meant realizing that it takes combined efforts, resilience, and discipline to fulfill his dreams. People will show you why your idea will not work, says Omer. In this digital age, as a public figure, you are also open to many critics and hateful comments, among other challenges. Even so, you should never give up. Do not let their opinions sway you, says Omer.

Omer further explains that being disciplined helps you stay focused on reaching your goals and coming up with a better plan. It motivates you to work harder despite the obstacles and push yourself to new heights.

As he continues to flourish, he encourages young people not to give up on their dreams and invest in their passions. One of the best investments you can ever make is in yourself, says Omer Landau. He adds that even though there are challenges involved, with perseverance, resilience, and dedication, you can attain success.

When asked about the future, Omer says his goal is to continue working on his career, win more fights, and impact more lives by sharing his incredible story. “I see myself continuing to win the fights in the first round and winning countless titles of boxing and opening a large network of gyms that includes boxing,” says Omer.