Neglecting Hockey: Bollywood Stars and the Curious Case of Pickleball Promotion

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Neglecting Hockey: Bollywood Stars and the Curious Case of Pickleball Promotion
Neglecting Hockey: Bollywood Stars and the Curious Case of Pickleball Promotion

New Delhi : In recent years, the national sport of India, hockey, has been overshadowed by the rising popularity of pickleball, a sport that holds little significance in the country. Bollywood stars, including famous directors have taken to endorsing pickleball, leaving many to question the neglect of hockey and the motives behind this shift in focus. Furthermore, the involvement of an NGO which claims to engage in social work, raises doubts about whether this promotion truly serves society's interests.

The Neglected National Sport:

India has a rich history and legacy in hockey, having won numerous Olympic medals and being a dominant force in the sport at one point. However, in recent years, attention and resources have been diverted towards other sports such as cricket and now pickleball. The lack of infrastructure, support, and recognition for hockey players has led to a decline in the sport's popularity and development.

Bollywood's Promotion of Pickleball:

Bollywood stars are known as influential figures who can shape public opinions and trends. However, their sudden promotion of pickleball instead of hockey has raised eyebrows among sports enthusiasts. Director’s and  prominent figures in the film industry, have actively endorsed pickleball through social media and other platforms. This begs the question: why aren't they using their platform to highlight the struggles faced by hockey players and promote the development of the national sport?

The Role of an NGO focused on social work, has partnered with Big directors and bollywood stars in promoting pickleball. While advocating for any sport can be considered charitable, the lack of attention given to hockey, a sport in dire need of support, raises doubts about the true intentions behind this partnership. It is essential to question whether NGO "social work" endeavors genuinely benefit society or if there are hidden motives at play.

Suffering of Hockey Players:

Despite its historic significance and achievements, Indian hockey struggles to maintain its recognition and support. Hockey players often face financial difficulties, inadequate training facilities, and limited opportunities when compared to other sports. This neglect has consequences not only for aspiring athletes but also for the national pride associated with excelling in the sport.

The Need for Attention and Worth:

Hockey players, who have consistently represented India at international competitions, deserve the same recognition and opportunities as athletes in other sports. The importance and worth of hockey should be acknowledged and supported by influential figures like Bollywood stars and NGO

The neglect faced by India's national sport, hockey, in favor of promoting pickleball, a sport with minimal relevance, raises serious questions about the priorities of influential figures in society, including Bollywood stars and philanthropic organizations. It is crucial for all stakeholders to reconsider their support and give due attention to hockey, ensuring that the sport receives the importance and worth it deserves.