Amazon delivers Redmi Note 10 instead of mouthwash to Mumbai man

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Images tweeted by @lokeshdaga
Images tweeted by @lokeshdaga

Mumbai : A Mumbai-based co-founder of a travel luggage company on Saturday announced that Amazon India delivered him a smartphone instead of his actual order of mouthwash. 

Lokesh Daga notified that the package label on the delivered item was in his name but the invoice was in somebody else's. He notified Amazon about the wrong delivery by email and also asked them to deliver the package to the right owner.

However, the e-commerce giant isn't allowing Mr Daga to return the smartphone because the company's return policy doesn't allow it.

According to the Twitter profile of Mr Daga, he is the co-founder of Nasher Miles, a manufacturer of luggage bags and accessories. Netizens have been giving funny suggestions to Mr Daga on his viral social media post.

However, Mr Daga cleared his stand and affirmed that he was wondering how the man had felt who might have received a mouthwash instead of the smartphone.

In June 2020, a man said on Twitter that he ordered a skin lotion on Amazon for ₹ 300, but received Bose headphones worth nearly Rs 19,000. Gautam Rege, the co-founder and director of Josh Software, said when he contacted Amazon to return the package, he was told to keep the premium headphones as the item was "non-returnable".