Have you noticed? WhatsApp latest update drains battery quick

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Have you noticed? WhatsApp latest update drains battery quick
Have you noticed? WhatsApp latest update drains battery quick

New Delhi : If you have updated the latest WhatsApp version on your smartphones then you must have realized that since then your mobile has been draining batteries much quickly than earlier. 

Ever since, the Facebook-owned company has released the update for Android users, there have been several complaints and feedbacks by the users on Google Play mentioning complaints about quick drainage of the battery. The major impact has been experienced by the OnePlus users.

On the OnePlus forums, a lot of users are complaining about the WhatsApp update causing battery drain on their phones, including those who use the recent OnePlus 7T Pro, the OnePlus 7T and the OnePlus 7 Pro smartphones. “Was wondering why my phone was draining quite a bit faster than normal today. 16% battery drain from WhatsApp after only actively using it for less than 5 minutes today,” says a user with the handle KiltedTraveler on Reddit—he uses a OnePlus 7T. “Whatsapp 2.19.308 has been draining the battery insanely. I think I've seen 33% of all battery consumption by WhatsApp on the stats,” complains another user rektalTushe on Reddit who uses a OnePlus 5.

At this time, it is not just the OnePlus phones which suffer from the battery drain issue. “Indeed! I have noticed that it is draining a lot of battery (more than normal, a lot more) in my Pixel 3,” says a Reddit user Tito1983. “Same issue in S10e... after several updates and after having reinstalled it seems to be fine,” adds Reddit user Matrix009917. Users are reporting the same issues with the Google Pixel 4, Huawei P20 Pro as well as certain Xiaomi phones. “Got the same on my Mix 3, with an EU ROM. Lost 20% of battery since I woke up, it's been around an hour, and WhatsApp is the main culprit,” complains Reddit user Bobbite.

No official statement has come yet from the WhatsApp about the concern and the users have no clue if a fix will be launched soon on this.