Incredible price slash on iPhone 14 plus: Grab it now!

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Incredible price slash on iPhone 14 plus: Grab it now! (Image:
Incredible price slash on iPhone 14 plus: Grab it now! (Image:

Delhi : iPhone 14 Plus, now is the ideal moment to do so thanks to Flipkart's great price reduction, incredible exchange offers, and bank incentives. This is the perfect time to purchase an iPhone 14 Plus if you've got your attention on one due to Flipkart's tremendous price decrease, fantastic exchange offers, and bank discounts. Don't pass up this opportunity to purchase the iPhone 14 Plus for only INR 49,999! Find out more details about this amazing offer right here.

Unbelievably Low Price: Priced at INR 49,999, iPhone 14 Plus

The iPhone 14 Plus is currently available on Flipkart for INR 79,999, down from its original listing price of INR 89,900. But that's not all, so keep your chairs firmly in place! To further reduce the cost, take advantage of great bank discounts and trade-in savings.

Trade-in Offer: Up to 30,000 INR Off

It's true what you just read just read! When you trade in your old smartphone, Flipkart will give you a staggering INR 30,000 off as a straight discount on the iPhone 14 Plus. You can purchase the iPhone 14 Plus for just INR 49,999 if you are able to receive the maximum discount for your previous cellphone!

Remember that the exchange offer is subject to the make, model, and condition of your current smartphone as well as the offer's regional availability. You only need to enter your local PIN number on Flipkart to see if it's available.

Offers from Banks to Enhance the Deal for the iPhone 14 Plus

To further attract you, Flipkart is offering an extra INR 4,000 discount on EMI transactions made with HDFC Bank Credit Card and Debit Card. Additionally, you may get a 5% cashback on purchases made with your Flipkart Axis Bank Card. 

Enjoy a surprise cashback voucher good until November 2023 as the cherry on top

Don't pass up this fantastic chance to upgrade to the iPhone 14 Plus for a fraction of the cost of the original model! Visit Flipkart right away to take advantage of these incredible deals!