Jio Phone booking: Documents needed, delivery date and all you need to know

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Reliance Jio Phone
Reliance Jio Phone

New Delhi : The wait for Jio Phone will end on August 24 when the company will officially begin booking for the phone at both the online and offline stores.

Some reports claim that few offline retail stores have already started booking the device, giving people an opportunity to get Jio Phone ahead of millions waiting for the phone.

Gadget 360 found one such retailer and enquired about the documents, tentative delivery dates and other important details. The phone comes with a refundable deposit of Rs 1500 and this amount is payable only when you pick the device.

Booking Jio Phone via Aadhaar Card

Jio Phone can be booked by simply submitting a copy of Aadhaar Card to an authorised Jio Retailer. Point to be noted here is that only one Jio Phone will be given on one Aadhaar Card.

Since Aadhaar Card number will be registered on centralised software while generating a token number, no second device will be available to single user. 

The token number will be required when the user will get the device from the store.

Price of Jio Phone

Mukesh Ambani while launching the device announced that at initial stage the Jio Phone will be available for free against a security deposit of Rs 1500. However, while making a booking for the device, users will not be asked to pay any money. The amount can be reclaimed after 36 months of the usage of device.

When will the Jio Phone be delivered

The initial delivery of the phone is expected to begin from September 1. The delivery dates might get extended depending upon the number of bookings. It is advised that the phone should be booked as early as you can.

Mr Ambani however said that he aims to deliver nothing less than five million units in a week to customers.

The device can be booked online from August 24 via My Jio app.