This is how you can protect your phone from malware or virus

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Mobile phone technology is improving day by day. Along with positive development, negative effects are also rising high. One common threat in the technology world is malware or virus, which attacks Android devices mostly. Here, in this article, we will guide you how to protect your phone from malware or virus attack. Malware and virus attack in Android phone To inform you, virus or malware is a program which joins with other program to create disturbance or may corrupt your phone data. Hackers often use malware program for wrongdoing. However, in the case of smartphones, till date we have not seen malware which can repeat itself like a PC virus, and in particular it does not exist on Android. So there is no technically problem from any Android virus. However, there are many other types of Android malware which may stop your handset from working. Most people do not know that no virus software works in Android. Malware is software designed to secretly control the device, personal information of the owner of the device, or theft of money. Malware is also used to steal passwords and account numbers from mobile phones, to make false allegations on user accounts and even to track user's location and activity. How to detect malware on your phone It's best to download apps from secured sites like Google Play. Some fake app stores and websites have many such apps that work to hide malware without your information. After you download any app from such unprotected websites, your phone memory may be affected. Once installed, these apps may appear as a description of you, but they may hack your secret data. Use safe browser and prestigious source to download files, else you may end up downloading potentially malicious app files. Tricks to protect your mobile device from malware attack You can protect your phone in two ways- first download security apps like Lookout, which can hold those weird "phone viruses" in your phone, and secondly, download them always download from Verifide and Trusted site and check the rating and read reviews to ensure that they are widely used or not. Lookout has the ability to remove any existing malware from your phone or tablet, and will ensure that you are safe, and keep an eye on every new app that you download.