Transferring image files from Android to iOS platform

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Representational Image
Representational Image

New Delhi : The market is flooded with smartphones. Electronic companies introduce new handsets each new day, luring people to shift from old to the new one. But, when it comes to changing the handsets, we think about the files that are stored in the old one, mostly the image files. If you want to shift from Android to iOS platform, then we are here to help you with some easy ways to transfer your photos. Just, try these few methods, mentioned below-

Traditional method of photo transfer

You can transfer your image files by the traditional method of dragging and dropping photos from Android image folder to iPhone’s default image directory. For this, connect your iPhone and Android phone to a Windows PC and check if the individual device drivers are installed for the PC to detect. Once the process is done, follow the steps to drag and drop the files:

Step1: Open Computer on your PC

Step2: You will see two new drives under Portable devices

Step3: Open the iPhone storage and Android storage in two separate window

Step4: On the window with Android phone’s storage search for DCIM folder.

Step5: You will see photos inside the folder, select the ones you want to transfer and copy them

Step6: Open the iPhone storage window and paste it in the required folder

Else, you can use third-party apps that are compatible with both Android and iOS platform to transfer images and videos.