YouTube makes bedtime easier with 'Sleep Timer' feature

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YouTube makes bedtime easier with 'Sleep Timer' feature (Image:
YouTube makes bedtime easier with 'Sleep Timer' feature (Image:

Delhi : Users have started to get access to YouTube Music's "sleep timer" feature, which is owned by Google. The functionality is now accessible for songs at the bottom of the Now Playing overflow menu in the app.

The sleep timer option can be useful for people who want to listen to music as they sleep.

The benefit of the sleep timer feature is that it may set the music player to stop playing after a set period of time, allowing users to go asleep without worrying about the music playing nonstop through their speakers or headphones.

The feature has reportedly not been widely adopted and is currently only available to a small number of users.

The company's music streaming service, YouTube Music, is starting to roll out the "real-time lyrics" feature on Android and iOS.

However, not all users share this experience. Many YouTube Music subscribers have asserted that the service is currently accessible.

Similar real-time lyrics capabilities can be found on other music streaming platforms like Apple Music and Spotify.