3 ways AI-powered hiring can make up for the shortfall in talent

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3 ways AI-powered hiring can make up for the shortfall in talent
3 ways AI-powered hiring can make up for the shortfall in talent

New Delhi : This is the age of automation - intelligent systems and machines born out of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. They’re robust, state-of-the-art, and constantly evolving tech made by humans, for the humans.

This revolutionary tech has set standards for several businesses and how they operate — those who’ve leveraged AI have thrived. 

But this progress is not the result of just AI; humans were, and still are, at the helm of giving AI its identity and recognition. 

This begs the question: are humans, or better yet job seekers, skilled enough to keep up with emerging technologies that they have to rely on for business growth/economic development?

Employers certainly don’t think so. No wonder why some jobs are on the verge of being automated. 

There’s definitely a skill gap present wherein the demand for talented candidates is not being met by these so-called talent pools. And it gets worse; the world of hiring goes cut-throat whenever a talented job seeker emerges.

This is India’s skill crisis. It’s not being bridged. Thankfully, the same AI which is frowned upon for displacing workers can bridge it by powering the hiring process. Here’s how it can help.

#1 Only Quality Candidates Welcome

There is a dearth of quality candidates. And mostly when a talent turns up on the market there is a finders-keepers-losers-weepers kind of situation. So, if you lose out, you settle for the second-best, third-best and so on — you don’t want that.

No employer wants to settle. AI can help in this regard by allowing you to craft concise job descriptions and responsibilities. In a way, you decide complete details of the ideal candidate in your requirement based on demographics and behaviour.

Then what? AI goes to work and sources the best talent — no candidate over or under-qualified; only the right fit. 

#2 Hiring Can Be Optimized

If you can sum Artificial Intelligence up in 1 word, it has to be Data. Yes, a hiring funnel powered by AI throws up data; left, right and centre.

And data equals insights. Think of this data and how it’s displayed as a detailed report on your hiring efforts. You get to see what you planned, executed and if it bore fruit. 

No fruit? You can still analyze the data, predict what went wrong, and change your approach.

For instance, let’s say you ran a Facebook Ad for sales jobs in Bangalore for 5 days and at the end of it found out that the Ad reached 1200 candidates, but only 20 people applied after interacting with a chatbot integrated at the end of the Ad. You find out from a heat-mapping tool that of 1200, the 20 who applied interacted with the bot and 1180 candidates didn’t. 

At this point, your inference is based on the fact that the chatbot is placed at the bottom which is skimmed by applicants or it doesn’t interact enough.

You can now configure your AI-powered chatbot to pop up and interact before the candidate reaches the bottom of the Ad. Data and AI can be combined in this way to change your hiring approach.

#3 No Time To Waste

One of the foremost reasons behind the skill gap is the dearth of time. The problem with the traditional hiring process is that it takes too long. In fact, studies indicate that recruiters, on average, lose at least 14 hours every week due to manual hiring tasks like analyzing candidates and communicating with them individually

14 hours is a lot of time and by the time a recruiter is done, the candidate might drift towards another company.

AI can help. It can cut down on the manual task of hiring and shortlist ideal candidates, and line them up for interviews based on the time slots set by you. 

Much has been said how machines are in the running to replace humans in certain job roles. While this topic is up for debate, Artificial Intelligence warrants recognition for what it can bring to the table — quality candidates and a streamlined hiring process.

Author Bio: Digvijay Singh Kanwar is a professional content writer and digital marketing expert and he loves to write about finance and tech-based articles. You can contact him on digvijaykanwar96@gmail.com