Apple introduces advanced accessibility features including live speech and personal voice

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Apple introduces advanced accessibility features including live speech and personal voice (Image:
Apple introduces advanced accessibility features including live speech and personal voice (Image:

Delhi : The US-based tech giant Apple has introduced novel tools for those who are non-speaking or at risk of losing their ability to communicate, as well as new software features for cognition, visual, hearing, and mobility accessibility.

Users will be able to type what they want to say and have it delivered aloud during phone and FaceTime calls as well as in-person discussions later this year with the new Live Speech feature for iPhone, iPad, and Mac. In order to jump in fast during active conversation with family, friends, and coworkers, users may also store frequently used words.

We at Apple have long held the view that the finest technology is one which is accessible to all. Tim Cook, the CEO of Apple, stated, "We're thrilled to reveal great new features that build on our long tradition of making technology accessible, so that everyone has the chance to create, communicate, and do what they love.

Personal Voice is an easy and safe approach for people who are at danger of losing their voice to create a voice that sounds like them. Examples include those who have just been diagnosed with ALS (amyotrophic lateral sclerosis) or other disorders that can gradually impair speaking abilities.

According to Apple, users may record 15 minutes of audio on their iPhone or iPad by reading along with a random series of written instructions to create a Personal Voice. To reduce cognitive strain, the Assistive Access feature employs design improvements to reduce apps and experiences to their core components.

In addition to Messages, Camera, Photos, and Music, the feature offers a personalised experience for Phone and FaceTime, which have been integrated into a single Calls app. According to the firm, it provides a distinctive user interface with high contrast buttons and large text labels as well as capabilities to allow dependable supporters customise the experience for the person they assist.

Users and trusted supporters can select a grid-based layout for their Home Screen and applications for a more visual experience or a row-based layout for those who prefer text. Users with visual impairments can interact with real items that have multiple text labels more easily thanks to the Magnifier's Point and Speak capability.

In order to aid users in navigating their physical surroundings, the Magnifier app for iPhone and iPad includes a function called Point and Speak that is integrated with VoiceOver and may be used in conjunction with other Magnifier capabilities like People Detection, Door Detection, and Image Descriptions.

For users who write using their voice, the Voice Control function provides phonetic recommendations to text editing so they may pick the proper word out of several that might seem similar. Users may also discover strategies for utilising voice commands on iPhone, iPad, and Mac instead of touch or typing by using the Voice Control Guide.

Switch Control allows people with physical and motor limitations to utilise any switch as a virtual gaming controller to play games on iPhones and iPads. On May 18, the SignTime function will be made available to clients of the Apple Store and Apple Support in Germany, Italy, Spain, and South Korea, allowing them to connect with sign language interpreters on demand.