Book an Uber ride with Google Maps and get Rs 50 discount in India, read how it works

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Uber ride via Google maps
Uber ride via Google maps

Los Angeles : Earlier this month, Google offered Uber and Ola users its Map services with a ride estimate. Initially they were redirected to the respective apps after completing the booking process but with the latest update, users can now hire an Uber without having to leave the app, thus making things easier.

As of now, Google has only integrated Uber services in its Maps app and one of its advantage is that you don’t need to have Uber app installed on your smartphone, but you will have to sign-in to your Uber account to use the service. 

For Ola, you will need to have the app installed on your smartphone; the confirmation will redirect you to the Ola app.

Let’s see how this works:

  • First open Google Maps and on the ‘search bar’ on top, enter the destination where you want to go. Then use the ‘car icon’ for navigation by tapping on it.
  • Second select the ‘ride services’ tab that will help you see the cabs that are nearby. 
  • The bottom half, has two tabs – Uber and Ola. ALSO READ: This is how Google Maps is able to accurately predict traffic conditions
  • Once you have selected Uber tab, you’ll see options like – uberPOOL, uberGO, uberX and uberXL along with fare estimate. 
  • With this you can get an estimate of how quickly the cab can reach your location, and an option to ‘request’ on the bottom right. 
  • Once your request is accepted, Google Maps will ask you to sign-in (if not already). On the next screen you’ll once again get the estimate, and option to choose mode of payment (Paytm, cash or credit / debit card). Once details are confirmed, tap on the ‘book’ button. 
  • On confirmation, you’ll see other ride details such as the vehicle type, driver name and registration number. Also, there will be a calling button in case you want to contact driver and a cancel button, in case you want to cancel the booking. 
  • One important facet of the whole deal- Google will offer you Rs 50 discount on the final fare when you book an Uber from the Maps app.

Wow, start booking!