COVID-19: Amazon creates a robot which kills coronavirus with ultraviolet rays

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New Delhi : A few months ago there was an outbreak of a highly contagious strain of coronavirus which has no known cure or vaccine for that matter. This virus has spread across the globe and infected a large number of people and also caused numerous deaths. The best minds, researches and scientists, across the world are racing to find a cure or a vaccine that can save lives and rid the world of this global pandemic. Coronavirus took very little time to spread across the world to most of the countries and companies and researchers have started working in collaboration in order to save the world from this health crisis. 

During all this chaos, while the researchers do their jobs, we need to make sure that we keep in mind the hygiene and safety protocols and stay protected from this virus. In order to do that, we need to follow sanitization practices and in this tough time, very few companies are able to provide the right methods to do soo. Amazon is one such company which has come forward with another safe sanitization method to help us stay healthy. They launched a robot in the month of May and have claimed that it uses ultraviolet rays to kill the bacteria and viruses and sanitize places. The robot has a cart sort of thing with wheels which allows it to move around freely and is attached with about 10 ultraviolet tube lights. The robot moves across the area and eliminates the germs, bacteria and viruses including coronavirus from each and every corner. This Amazon robot can work from over 8000 hours and clean areas and disinfect them.

It is important to understand that studies and researches have claimed that ultraviolet rays can be used to disinfect solid surfaces and places but it should not be used for a human being or on their skin as it can burn the skin and also damage the eyesight or lead to other health problems. The World Health Organization recommends washing your hands with soap for 30 seconds or using a simple alcohol-based hand sanitizer. There are companies who have researched about ultraviolet rays and how it works against COVID-19 as well. LightStrike(US) is one such company who has done it's research and come up with a robot which can disinfect any space and kill coronavirus within minutes. This company rents out their robot to other companies who wish to use it to disinfect any area.