Covid 19: Drones to fight against coronavirus outbreak across world

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Covid 19: Drones to fight against coronavirus outbreak across world
Covid 19: Drones to fight against coronavirus outbreak across world

New Delhi : Technology has turned out to be the biggest saviour for many industries in their survival fight against the coronavirus outbreak. It is not just helping in keeping the work going but also helping in complying with the rules, regulations and advisories issued by the government.

With new regulations in place, the med-tech companies, scientists, innovators and entrepreneurs are collaborating in interesting ways to fight against the Covid-19 virus.

Let's understand it with an example of

JD's autonomous delivery robot successfully delivered products to Wuhan Ninth Hospital, the designated hospital for the treatment of COVID-19 in Wuhan in a bid to eliminate cross-infection.

"JD autonomous delivery robots can help reduce human-to-human contact making them an ideal solution for last-mile delivery solution in Wuhan during this unique time, protecting both our customers and our employees," said Qi Kong, Head of Autonomous Driving at JD Logistics. "In addition to supporting coronavirus aid in Wuhan, our latest autonomous delivery solution is open for other partners to use to upgrade their technology capabilities."

Shenzhen-based start-up Pudu Technology aims to reduce cross-infection by implementing home delivery of drugs and meals via robot. Food delivery service is doing something similar by using robots to deliver meals to quarantined individuals suspected of having the virus. Delivery app Meituan Dianping, has also ramped up its ‘contactless delivery’ options through autonomous vehicles and robots.

The drone solution is being famous among the countries as it sounds effective and zero contact solution.

COVID-19 drones

The University of South Australia (UniSA) is collaborating with Canadian drone-tech company Draganfly Inc. to jointly develop a 'pandemic drone' that will remotely monitor and detect people with infectious respiratory conditions.

According to a report, the drone will be equipped with a specialised sensor and computer vision system that will closely monitor temperature, heart and respiratory rates, as well as to detect people sneezing and coughing in crowds, offices, airports, cruise ships, aged care homes and other places where groups of people may work or congregate.