Enhanced WhatsApp experience: AI stickers, images, and chatbot launch

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Enhanced WhatsApp experience: AI stickers, images, and chatbot launch (Images: pixabay.com)
Enhanced WhatsApp experience: AI stickers, images, and chatbot launch (Images: pixabay.com)

Delhi : As Meta announced some of the new features coming to the messaging app, WhatsApp will get a taste of generative AI in the coming months. It makes sense that the corporation will quickly switch from the metaverse to AI, and billions of WhatsApp users will notice this change. In essence, generative AI for users examines the capabilities of the AI chatbot to assist you with questions, creates WhatsApp stickers using AI prompts, and similarly creates photos using AI technology.

According to Meta, these AI technologies will enable you to be more expressive, creative, and productive. Additionally, it guarantees that end-to-end encryption is used to protect all AI data.

Here are the specifics on the new AI features that will soon be available to WhatsApp users.

Animated Icons

Emu is an image generating model that Meta has developed using its Llama 2 language model. According to the manufacturer, this device can transform the WhatsApp text prompts you send into premium stickers. Over the course of the next month, WhatsApp and other Meta apps will gradually roll out the capability to some English-language users. To create the AI sticker of your choosing, simply navigate to WhatsApp's GIF section and select the Create button.

AI Image Creation

WhatsApp will allow you to create AI-generated photos in the same way that AI-generated stickers are created. To enable the AI model to work its magic, text @ Meta AI/imagine first, followed by your request. To use this AI feature, you don't need to enable any extra settings.

WhatsApp AI Chatbot

An AI chatbot is a necessary component of any AI integration, and Meta is bringing the technology to WhatsApp as well. Similar to other chatbots on the market, the Meta AI chatbot will summarize gift suggestions for consumers and/or any specific questions they have. Through our search collaboration with Bing, Meta AI has access to real-time data and provides a tool for image generation, according to the business. Users using WhatsApp must text @metaAI before sending their message and waiting for the AI chatbot to respond.