Firefox 74 update sojourns Facebook tracking user data

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Firefox 74 update sojourns Facebook tracking user data
Firefox 74 update sojourns Facebook tracking user data

New Delhi : If you are looking for a solution that bars Facebook from tracking your online activity then Firefox's version 74 is for you. 

With the new update, the latest version now asks users to install Facebook Container add-on by default. The Facebook Container blocks the social media giant from tracking users simply by blocking features including Facebook logins, likes and comments on the third-party websites.

The add on does this by creating a buffer between the end users and other Facebook services including the main website, Messenger and Instagram. It has also been mentioned that when a user visits Facebook and logs in, the cookies are kept isolated to the container.

Facebook Container’s description explains the add-on something like this. "The Facebook buttons that appear on shopping, news and other sites contain trackers that tell Facebook where you’ve been on the web. Even if you never use these buttons to like or share, the trackers can still collect data about your browsing. Facebook Container blocks these trackers."

Other than this, the updated version of the browser also includes DNS-over-HTTPS, that prevents third parties from sneaking on what websites you visited over time. 

A report claimed that this will be a default feature in latest Firefox bowser.