Google celebrates 30 years of World Wide Web (WWW) with a doodle

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Google celebrates 30 years of World Wide Web (WWW) with a doodle
Google celebrates 30 years of World Wide Web (WWW) with a doodle

New Delhi : World Wide Web (WWW), also known as the web, has turned 30 on March 12, 2019. Founded by Tim Berners-Lee, WWW is one of the greatest advancement of technology of the modern race of humankind. Google celebrated the day with an animated doodle.

Way back in 1989, Berners-Lee had proposed the management at CERN (The European Organization for Nuclear Research) for a system called “Mesh” that referenced ENQUIRE.

Google said, “This was how Sir Tim Berners-Lee’s boss responded to his proposal titled “Information Management: A Proposal,” submitted on this day in 1989 when the inventor of the World Wide Web was a 33-year-old software engineer.”

“Initially, Berners-Lee envisioned a large hypertext database with typed links, named Mesh, to help his colleagues at CERN (a large nuclear physics laboratory in Switzerland) share information amongst multiple computers”, Google said.

The Berners-Lee were given a free hand by their boss to develop a wroking model based on languages like HTML, HTTP and By 1991, the external Web servers were up and running.

The proposal was on how to link different information on different computers to one system. In today's world we know them as URLs which canbe interlinked by hypertext and can be accessed using the Internet.

With help from his colleague and fellow hypertext enthusiast Robert Cailliau he published a more formal proposal on 12 November 1990 to build a “Hypertext project”.

In today's world, we have more than 2 billion websites online right now. Whether you use it for e-mail, homework, office work, gaming, or checking out videos, we all can’t survive with the web.