Google I/O 2017: 'Android O' beta version released - new features and updates

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Android O beta launched: New features and changes
Android O beta launched: New features and changes

San Francisco : Google on its first day of annual I/O conference in San Francisco released beta version of 'Android O' that will be released later this year.

'Android O' would bring more fluid experiences to the devices as well as improvements to areas of the phone called "vitals" like battery life and security. 

"With picture-in-picture, you can seamlessly do two tasks simultaneously, like checking your calendar while planning a party on a Duo video call. And Smart Text Selection improves copy and paste," the compnay said in a statement.

Lets explore the new features and updates 'Android O' will bring to its audiences:


A famous tool used in many televisions, within the YouTube app on Android and in iOS, Picture-in-picture has now been added to 'Android O'. The feature allows user to use other apps while the video continues streaming in a small window.

Notification Dots

A small dot will appear on the apps with active notifications. Long press on the app will pop out the notification window for that particular app.

The feature has been added in Android beta version of the operating system.

Smart Text Selection

We’ve all seen the basic text highlighting features, the copy/paste dialogue in Android, but now there’s more. With Android O, highlighting text includes further features, using Google AI to intelligently act on the words.


'Android O' will take care of most of the auto fills on apps to save time and make it easy for users to use the app. The new OS will remember your usernames, and in some cases your password, to quickly and easily jump into apps on your device.


Who wants better battery life? Android O will soon include features under the banner Vitals, including security tools, OS optimizations and tools for developers to better suite your device usage.