Google releases teaser for Pixel 8, pokes fun at iPhone 15's USB-C port in video

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Google releases teaser for Pixel 8, pokes fun at iPhone 15's USB-C port in video (Image:
Google releases teaser for Pixel 8, pokes fun at iPhone 15's USB-C port in video (Image:

Delhi : A new spoof Apple commercial that highlights the rivalry between the two digital behemoths was just published by Google. The commercial subtly teases a potential future feature in the iPhone 15 series while hilariously highlighting specific aspects of Google's Pixel smartphones. The Pixel and iPhone smartphones are shown conversing in the commercial as they unwind in a spa-like atmosphere and go through each other's forthcoming product releases. Google expects releasing the Pixel 8 series on October 4 whereas Apple previously stated that it will unveil the iPhone 15 series on September 12.

Google pixel show highlights about its specifications 

When Pixel is questioned about the function that first made iPhones famous, the debate takes a humorous turn. In response, Pixel makes a lighthearted allusion to the well-known "Sliding to Unlock" function. But it doesn't end there; Pixel continues to highlight some of its own notable features, like call management powered by AI for incoming calls from unknown numbers, live message translations, and photo enhancing tools.

iPhone debate against its remarks

The exchange's most fascinating part is when iPhone subtly suggests a huge shift. "You'll be seeing USB-C soon," the iPhone teases, implying that next iPhone models may have the highly regarded USB Type-C charging connector. "You're finally getting USB-C charging?" asks Pixel with a funny reply. "How did you know?" the iPhone asks slyly.

Although this interaction is only a playful marketing ploy, it also feeds rumours that the iPhone 15 would include a USB Type-C connection. Notably, there have been rumours about Apple switching from its exclusive Lightning connector to the more commonplace USB Type-C standard. But it's important to note that Apple hasn't offered any official confirmation or teaser on the subject.

The commercial highlights the fierce competition in the IT sector and illustrates how businesses can captivate audiences through humour and rivalry. This conversation adds mystery and enthusiasm to the future tech events as people anxiously anticipate the release of both the iPhone 15 and the Pixel 8 series. People across the world will surely be keeping a careful eye on Apple's forthcoming iPhone to see whether it does, in fact, switch to USB Type-C, as suggested in this fun discussion with Google's Pixel.