Google's Warning: 'Fake Bard App' malware targeting users websites - Stay informed!

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Google's Warning: 'Fake Bard App' malware targeting users websites - Stay informed! (Image:
Google's Warning: 'Fake Bard App' malware targeting users websites - Stay informed! (Image:

Delhi : Malware is nothing new to Google; millions of Android users are impacted by the problem. However, the business is also dealing with a modern malware issue involving Bard, its newest AI chatbot. Most people are aware that Bard AI cannot be downloaded and is not an app. As Google has stated several times, using Bard is actually free of charge. Unaware of these facts regarding Bard, however, some individuals have fallen for scams that trick them into installing payment Bard apps from the Play Store, which Google says are nothing more than malware that infects their devices.

Google has made it obvious that it disapproves of these strategies and has threatened to take these fake hackers, scammers to court. The business requests that they cease promoting Bard or asking customers to use their allegedly harmful programmes. It claims that several groups have pushed advertisements encouraging people to download the Bard app in order to receive the newest features and upgrades via Facebook pages.

Unfortunately, a subset of people falls for these advertising and unintentionally download programmes that are actually malware, just as with any other fraud. Google's position on this practise does appear aggressive given that a lawsuit won't hold up if the activities are taken from outside the borders of a nation—in this example, the United States. It is a difficult effort for the corporation to remove millions of malicious apps from the Play Store, and Android is probably a favourite target due to its widespread use and availability of millions of apps. Given the significance of Bard to Google's AI future and present, we can appreciate the rigour with which the firm is attempting to address the fraudster problem.

Kaspersky revealed some concerning information on Google's malware issue earlier this week, stating that more than 600 million harmful software downloads had been tracked on the Play Store in 2023 alone. In the future, Bard is expected to compete with ChatGPT and other AI chatbots, therefore Google doesn't want any nefarious attempts to defame Bard and defraud people.