How much does ChatGPT's paid version cost? Check details

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How much does ChatGPT's paid version cost? Check details (Image:
How much does ChatGPT's paid version cost? Check details (Image:

Delhi : OpenAI's ChatGPT is quite well-liked. To be able to ask questions of an AI-based chatbot and receive true, human-like answers back is very amusing and intriguing. However, that may not continue for long. Here's a summary of potential paid-tier pricing options that OpenAI is looking into.

ChatGPT's Paid Tier Might Be Expensive!

According to a recent post by LinkedIn user Linas Belinas, the subscription plan for OpenAI may have already started to roll out to certain consumers. A screenshot he provided shows the subscription plan's price. It has been revealed that the paid option would be called the Professional Plan and might cost $42 per month (about Rs 3,400).

This is slightly more expensive than average for a subscription plan, but it has several benefits. Even during times of high demand, ChatGPT's premium edition will function flawlessly and respond more quickly. In case you didn't know, ChatGPT's servers have recently been hampered by heavy usage, although its subscription version might be helpful.

The package would also provide customers early access to the new features. Using Twitter, a different user named Zahid Khawaja showed how much faster the paid version of ChatGPT is than the free one.

Recall that OpenAI previously disclosed a waitlist for ChatGPT's commercial edition and urged consumers to complete a survey to learn more about how it intends to financially support the well-liked chatbot. A concluding statement on this, however, is still kept behind closed doors.

Although OpenAI will considerably gain from charging for ChatGPT (it is believed that it spends more than $3 million per month to run the show), customers may not find it advantageous due to the hefty cost. On the other hand, those who plan to utilise the chatbot seriously might not care!

It is unclear whether the free version would be kept. Stay tuned for more information as it becomes available. In related news, Google will introduce a ChatGPT competitor, and Microsoft plans to enter the ChatGPT industry with its Bing search engine and office suite.