iOS 17 leak reveals major lock screen changes coming soon

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iOS 17 leak reveals major lock screen changes coming soon (Image:
iOS 17 leak reveals major lock screen changes coming soon (Image:

Delhi : In addition to the rumoured AR headset, a major announcement at WWDC 2023 will be iOS 17. It has already been the subject of several leaks, and the trend is continuing with fresh details on lock screen modifications expressly for Apple Maps. Here is what to anticipate.

With iOS 17, Apple Maps Live Activity Feature is anticipated

According to a Twitter user going by the handle @Analyst941, Apple will soon roll out the new Live Activity feature for Apple Maps' lock screen. This will give you a sizable display of the Maps app, similar to how Apple Music now appears on the lock screen and with the time and date at the top.

The leaker's screenshot demonstrates how Maps will provide the current position and directions to keep track of stuff. It won't be interactive, though. Currently, iOS 16 enables you to display Apple Maps in its entirety on the lock screen along with information about the ETA, distance travelled, and travel time.

Navigation will be simpler with this new modification, and other lock screen features will be easier to view. A unique feature of this iOS 17 update is the ability to vary the size of Apple Maps on the lock screen so that, when necessary, it may be as large as a music player.

Additionally, iOS 17 will make it simpler to notice alerts by merely swiping up, since you can't now see them when navigating. All iPhones will experience this adjustment, which is reportedly confirmed. We are unsure if this holds true for Google Maps and other third-party map applications, though.

Additional Lock Screen enhancements, such as user-created Lock Screen themes, the ability to access song lyrics through Apple Music on the Lock Screen, and much more, are anticipated in iOS 17. Other than that, other minor adjustments are anticipated, such as new brightness settings for the Flashlight. Although there is currently no specific information, sideloading applications is something we may anticipate.

A new MacBook Air, new versions of iPadOS, watchOS, macOS, and tvOS, among other things, will be unveiled at WWDC 2023 in addition to iOS 17. At the event, which is scheduled for June 5, we will learn more about what Apple has in store for us. Please comment below with your opinions on the aforementioned rumour as you continue to follow this site.