Social media is the best available platform for all, says Meraj Imtiyaz Alam

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Meraj Alam, a successful young mind
Meraj Alam, a successful young mind

New Delhi : Networking is a platform through which information is exchanged. The major social networking sites are Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, Linked-in etc. Many of these are public platforms, while many are focused on the exchange of personal information. Examples of instant messengers are Facebook, Messenger, WhatsApp, etc. These mean staying connected with friends and acquaintances. In this, individual or group chatting or group-specific can be shared. Facebook, blogs are basically public platforms, etc. All these are known as social media. 

Meraj Alam, a successful young mind in the world of Digitalization says, "Communication technology has broadened the knowledge field. Its prevalence has been brought by various technological means, the use of which has become widespread. Is. Social media has done wonders in this. Its effectiveness is being seen from village to village. It has taken the form of a new model. It is being used by children, the elderly, professionals, technical experts, etc. In the present time, the popularity of social media has increased a lot as a new form of media. The increasing use of the Internet has given new heights to this media. At present, the computer is proving to be very useful in the world through social media like YouTube, Blog, Facebook, News Portal, Twitter, etc."

It's very true that From the return of spring in Arabia, 'Capture Wall Street' in America to Jan Lokpal in India, the platform and popularity that social media gave and raised voice against corruption, others did not. Social media showed the courage to bring the news which was hidden by the mainstream media. It not only made public the information about corruption within the media institutions but also made news to the newsmakers. Now people have started giving activities around them on social media, which the mainstream media ignores.

Meraj quotes, "The revelations made by Julian Assange through Wikileaks caused a stir from America to other countries of the world. It is noteworthy that this responsibility should have been shouldered by the mainstream media, which has created the illusion of being its 'watchdog' among the people, but it has failed in this. Julian single-handedly entered the intelligence departments of the imperialist forces and challenged them, revealing their truth and causing a stir within them. Social networking has now emerged as a major source of information/news for electronic media. Sometimes, many newspapers have started putting up banners, hoardings, taking information from Twitter. Blogs and most magazines are available on the web world. Similar is the situation with newspapers. To capture web readers, now most of the print and TV Media has started running its own web blog such current Under the circumstances, social media is the 'social pillar' of people's expectations looks to be done.