How to increase the Android Smartphone battery life

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How to increase the Android Smartphone battery life
How to increase the Android Smartphone battery life

New Delhi : Do you have to stop working on your phone in the middle? Does your phone battery get exhausted very soon? If so, then you need to polish your smartphone with some smart tricks.

Yes, we bring to you some tips to increase the battery life of your handset. Meaning, your phone will last longer and you will not have to search the plug points to fix it with a charger. 

Tips to Boost Your Android Phone's Battery Life

  • Turn of vibration mode: To help your phone run longer, first turn off the vibrations mode in your handset. It eats up good amount of battery power.
  • Change background color : If you have an AMOLED display in the phone, then be sure to keep the background of your phone black. This will consume less the battery.
  • Turn off location tracking option: If you have turned on the location tracker app in your mobile phone, then turn off the app. This will let your battery run longer. Already most of the apps in the mobile are costing most of your battery charge.
  • Remove unnecessary apps: Remove unwanted apps from your mobile. Now if you are using Facebook app, then use its light version. Also keep your phone memory free from e-commerce site's apps. All these big apps consume so much battery in short time. Also, dump unnecessary home screen widgets and animated live wallpaper
  • Turn down brightness: Consider to turn down the brightness and turn off automatic brightness which should be enough for your vision
  • Turn unnecessary hardware radios off; Ok, it’s cool to have LTE, NFC, GPS, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth but be sure not keep all of them activated 24 hours a day. All these features consume battery at noticeably faster rate.