Twitter may introduce customizable timelines, check details

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Twitter may introduce customizable timelines, check details (Image:
Twitter may introduce customizable timelines, check details (Image:

Delhi : Elon Musk, the owner of Twitter, and Mark Zuckerberg, the CEO of Meta, are engaged in a verbal battle that is getting more heated over the "fight," and both parties are also fighting to keep people on their own platforms. It was only last week that Threads said it would soon allow search and the web on the platform, and now it appears that X (previously Twitter) is also introducing quality-of-life features to guarantee a higher time spent. A recent post made by a corporate designer teased a new feature that would be released shortly. New sorting options for seeing tweets on the profile tab will be added by this feature. Users will also have the option to sort them by the posts they are most engaged with and most liked rather than the current chronological-only tab.

In a tweet, designer Andrea Conway, whose profile states that she works at X, teased the new feature. The article included a screenshot of the profile tab, with the "Post" tab having a downward-pointing arrow that, when tapped, brings up a new menu with the "Sort posts by" options. There are three choices: "Most recent," "most liked," and "most engaged." Musk responded to the tweet by saying, "This will be cool."

A post-sorting tool is coming to Twitter

Most users expressed delight about the new feature, which was among the most often requested features. Some individuals did, however, also request more sorting options, such as time-based sorting for liked and engaged content (posts from this week, this month, etc.).  However, Conway has stated that it would be handled in the future.

It was previously reported that X was also developing a comment-sorting function that would let users choose between the most popular responses—most liked, most remarked on, and most retweeted—so they could respond to postings how they liked. Conway responded afterwards, stating that it is being worked on and will likely be included soon.

Contrary to the existing layout, which leaves a margin on the left where only the poster's profile icon can be seen, Conway's illustration also depicts a full-width post layout. The profile indicator in the image expands out beneath the text and image post, allowing the postings a larger area to be presented throughout. This graphic suggests that a feature that was previously thought to be under development may soon be released.