Two WhatsApp Accounts, One Device: A game-changer for users

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Two WhatsApp Accounts, One Device: A game-changer for users
Two WhatsApp Accounts, One Device: A game-changer for users

Delhi : Do you wish to utilize two WhatsApp accounts simultaneously on one device? You will soon be able to log in and out, so don't worry about it too much.

Currently, switching between WhatsApp accounts requires users to either always carry an additional device or log in and out of their accounts often. The "Dual WhatsApp Account" feature will make it simpler for users to manage discussions across several accounts by enabling seamless account switching within the program.

WhatsApp will soon roll out a feature that lets users move between accounts without continually logging out or carrying around an extra device, according to CEO of Meta Mark Zuckerberg. Here are five facts about this impending feature that you should be aware of.

For Android users, WhatsApp multiple accounts will launch initially.

First to benefit from the ease of switching accounts will be Android users. The availability of this functionality on additional platforms is unknown, although a rollout is anticipated shortly.

You must have two working phone numbers.

You will still need a different phone number and SIM card, or an eSIM (dual SIM) phone, if you wish to set up two WhatsApp accounts on the same phone.

The setup procedure remains the same.

You'll also need the second phone or its SIM card to receive the one-time passcode that WhatsApp will provide via SMS in order to access your second account on a different device. The app won't require a second device or SIM card to function for both accounts after the first verification is finished.

How can a second WhatsApp account be created on the same phone?

Open WhatsApp settings, choose your profile, and then click "Add account" to create a second account on your phone as soon as you have this capability.

Distinct configurations for two accounts

On their phones, users who set up two accounts may manage their notification and privacy settings independently for each account.