Unveiling the Galaxy S23's exclusives: What's new with One UI 5.1?

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Unveiling the Galaxy S23's exclusives: What's new with One UI 5.1? (Image: samsung.com)
Unveiling the Galaxy S23's exclusives: What's new with One UI 5.1? (Image: samsung.com)

Delhi : On February 1, Samsung's flagship Galaxy S23 devices with One UI 5.1 will go on sale. Older Galaxy flagships are also anticipated to receive the new software, although initially, it appears that the Galaxy S23 series will get some special features.

The new One UI 5.1 features and updates are now clear to us thanks to a thorough leak from WinFuture. Instead of making substantial design modifications, the programme will introduce a variety of functional enhancements. The entire One UI 5.1 changelog has been placed at the end of this article. Let's discuss some of the most noticeable modifications that the new software is expected to make for the time being.

What's new about One UI 5.1?

With One UI 5.1, the Gallery app is expected to receive the most new features. Now, you may share albums with your loved ones. By utilising AI to recognise family members' faces, the app will suggest images to add to your family albums. For what it's worth, this function is already available in Google Photos. Up to six family members will each receive 5GB of free media storage from Samsung.

Additionally, the Gallery app's search function is getting more practical. Now, you can look up multiple people at once. Instead of utilising their tagged names, you may also search for people by looking up their faces. With the Effects button on the side of the screen in the Camera app, One UI 5.1 will make it simple to alter the colour of selfies. The Advanced menu now makes it simple to use the Expert RAW app as well.

With One UI 5.1, the AR Emoji Camera also gains greater functionality. Now, you can use Mask mode to take pictures of up to three people and swap out their faces for emojis. One UI 5.1 also has a new battery widget. From your home screen, you can check the battery life of your phone and any Galaxy devices that are connected to it, including your Galaxy Watch, Galaxy Buds, and more.

Depending on the setting you've selected on your phone, you'll also be able to set several backgrounds for the lock screen and home screen. Thus, by selecting several modes, you can have various backgrounds for your work, sports, and other activities.

If you're switching from an earlier Galaxy or another Android phone, one feature unique to the Galaxy S23 will make setting up your new phone simpler. It utilises Bluetooth Low energy to assist you in moving your Wi-Fi networks, Samsung account, and Google account to the new device by scanning a QR code on your old smartphone. According to the source, the Galaxy S23 series will get another new One UI 5.1 feature named "AI Restoration." The changelog, however, doesn't go into detail about it.

One UI 5.1 feature


It's now simpler to adjust the colour for a selfie: The Effects button on the side of the screen makes it simple to alter the colour of your selfies.

Quick access to Expert RAW: For individuals who want to modify their photos afterwards, the Expert RAW app enables you to take high-quality pictures without any processing or compression. It is now simpler to access Expert RAW from the Advanced menu.


Common family album: Sharing pictures with your family is now simpler than ever thanks to Shared Family Album. The faces of your family members are recognised by Gallery, which then suggests pictures to add to your shared family album. Moreover, every family member receives 5GB of storage (up to 6 people).

Better handling: Processing automatically gets rid of shadows and reflections to give your images a professional appearance. For enhanced clarity and quality, GIFs can also be recreated.

AR Emoji and Zone

Use 3 emojis in the AR emoji camera to take amusing pictures and movies of up to 3 buddies. By clicking the emoji, you can swap out your friends' faces for different characters.

Layout and editing updates for AR Doodles: For easier access, the brushes are now visible on the main AR Doodle screen. Designs can also be resized and moved after they are created, and the new eraser tool allows you to only remove a piece of your drawings without erasing them whole.


New battery widget: You can monitor the battery life of your Galaxy devices using the new battery widget. You can view the remaining battery life of your smartphone, Galaxy Buds, Galaxy Watch, and other supported devices right from the home screen.

Simple weather widget: It is simple to understand the weather information, whether it is sunny, cloudy, raining, or snowing, thanks to the new illustration style and a summary of the current weather conditions.

Scenes and Modes

Various backgrounds according on the mode: Depending on your current activities, change the lock screen and home screen wallpaper. By configuring several settings, you can select a background for business, a background for a sport, and more.

More scenario conditions and actions: When you activate mobile hotspot or aeroplane mode, run scripts automatically. Now, some programmes can be opened by scripts, and they can also change the left-to-right audio balance. You may now adjust Quick Share, touch sensitivity, the ringtone, and font style with the help of new activities.


Create a shared note in Samsung Notes that several users can edit simultaneously to facilitate collaboration. Create a drawing with a friend, write a report with coworkers, or take notes for a study group. There are countless options.

Using a link that can be shared across apps like chat, email, and social networks, you can now simply invite people to shared albums, notes, and calendars.

You may now utilise your Galaxy Book's mouse, keyboard, or trackpad with both your Galaxy tablet and Galaxy smartphone. This is known as advanced multiple controls between Galaxy Book and smartphone. Text may be quickly copied and pasted, and images can be moved from one device to another as though they were the same.

Samsung Dex

DeX has improved multitasking by allowing you to drag the splitter in the centre of the screen to resize both windows when they are in split screen mode. Additionally, a window can be snapped to one of its corners to fill approximately a fourth of the screen.


Settings suggestions: At the top of the settings screen, suggestions are now visible, alerting you to interesting features to test out or settings that require your attention so you can activate or try them right away.

One UI 5.1 is now available

One UI 5.1 would be coming to "flagship devices introduced after Galaxy S20 and Galaxy Z Flip," according information mistakenly provided by Samsung. This indicates that practically all of Samsung's foldable devices, including the Galaxy Z Fold 2, Galaxy Z Fold 3, Galaxy Z Fold 4, Galaxy Z Flip 5G, Galaxy Z Flip 3, and Galaxy Z Flip 4, as well as the Galaxy S21 and Galaxy S22 series, should receive the update.

The update should start appearing on older Galaxy phones by March since it will debut with the Galaxy S23 series in February.