WhatsApp chat filters, restrict groups features to lend more power to users

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New Delhi : WhatsApp, the popular social Messenger of today is announcing some new features which will surely lend security and power to its users. The free-to-use simple chat app has become a must-use app for all Android phone users across the globe. WhatsApp on iOS has recently received an update that allows iPhone users to watch Instagram and Facebook videos in-app. This feature is available on iOS version 2.18.51. Besides, it has come up with noteworthy features to offer its users some extra-ordinary chatting experiences.

Here’s the list of new features, WhatApp has in store for its users.

1. Chat filters: This feature will allow users to search for a particular word using a set of filters. Tapping on Search will open a Filter list which will allow you to apply filters like unread chats, broadcasts messages, or groups. However, this feature may only be limited to WhatsApp business.

2. Watch Instagram and FB video in WhatsApp: In a new update to iOS users, WhatsApp is allowing users to run Facebook and Instagram videos inside WhatsApp. This means you can now tap on a Facebook or Instagram video link and it will play inside WhatsApp instead of opening in their respective app.

3. Restrict groups: WhatsApp's fan site WaBetaInfo talks about a new feature that will give more power to a group admin. According to the report, WhatsApp Restrict group feature will allow only administrators to send out messages. All the others members in the chat can only read but not reply to the message. In case someone wants to add something to the message then he/she will have to message the admin.

4. Request Info: WhatsApp will now allows users to download all the WhatsApp data using Request info feature and export or port to another app. It contains your WhatsApp data like all your profile pictures and groups.

5. iOS Business app: WhatsApp Business is now coming to iOS users. It is a business app from WhatsApp that connects businesses and customers.