All you need to know about WhatsApp history and who made WhatsApp logo

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Brian Acton and John Kim, both former employees of Yahoo, developed the WhatsApp application in 2009
Brian Acton and John Kim, both former employees of Yahoo, developed the WhatsApp application in 2009

New Delhi : Talk about social networking and you should include about WhatsApp. This free messaging app has found special space in all the smartphones, today. But, have you ever wondered that Whatsapp has never promoted or marketed its application, despite being the fifth such application which is downloaded most. The app was introduced in the year 2009 and by February 2013, it has gained more than 200 million active users. 

Brian Acton and John Kim, both former employees of Yahoo, developed the WhatsApp application in 2009. After leaving the job, both Brian Acton and Jan Koon went to apply for job with Facebook, which the company rejected.

In the first half of 2009, Facebook purchased iPhone, and realized that WhatsApp application would have great potential in the coming days. The social media giant then decided to make an application that would help mobile users to better communicate with their friends, family and business contacts.

While connecting with Brian Acton, he managed to associate five colleagues with yahoo. The team then with the help of Russian friend Alex Fiscman, found a Russian developer named Igor Solo Manichov, after which he made an application, and named the application as whatsapp derived from the term "whats up" used daily.

Whatsapp then began its journey and came across several ups and downs. The company thought that the application is a failure and was about to drop the idea of remodelling it, but Brian encouraged the company to make it again

The team started working on this application again and made certain changes were made such as when an application user changes his status, then every single contact of that user will get a notification about it.

In October 2009, Brian invested $ 250,000 in it and officially joined it. From August 2009, WhatsApp began to support Android OS and eventually became popular in the smartphone market. By february 2013, WhatsApp gained prominence and became a part of its 200 million people. During this time, there were only 50 employees working in WhatsApp, soon after in August 2013, the voice messaging app was introduced in the app, thereby making WhatsApp more appealing. Later in 2014, this app was purchased by Facebook for $ 19 billion and it was the biggest deal in the world at that time. Research says that, currently, Whatsapp registers more than 100 million voice calls daily.

History of WhatsApp logo

WhatsApp logo was designed by Com and Acton at the initial stage of the app development. However, the design of the logo and the programming part could be outsourced to a third-party designer. The logo is unique and has not changed over time despite of changed owners.

Whatsapp logo design element meaning 

Whatsapp works as a platform for quick message and audio / video call. Here, two different elements were used to design, namely the first text bubble and the second telephone. Even today, every text message received is displayed in the text bubble. The received messages contain "tail" while pointing to the left side of the text bubble, while sent messages have the right one of the text bubble.

By including a text bubble with the tail on the left side of your logo, WhatsApp highlights its role as a messaging app. Also, the designer of the WhatsApp logo has placed a telephone within the text bubble.

Very few people know that whatsapp as an app was designed for the mobile phone. If you carefully notice the app's logo, then you will see an old landline phone inside the design. In the Whatsapp logo, the landline phone communicates the function of the app more effectively.