WhatsApp Tricks: This is how you can read deleted chats

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WhatsApp Tricks: This is how you can read deleted chats
WhatsApp Tricks: This is how you can read deleted chats

New Delhi : WhatsApp had recently released a feature called 'delete for everyone'; it allows users to delete a particular message from both the sender and recipients end within one hour of sending time. Sometimes, people regret deleting the important messages by mistake and find on way to restore it. 

Here is a good news, there is a method by which one can read a deleted message on the social media app WhatsApp. 

Note: WhatsApp does not officially provide you with a tool to recover that chat or the messages that have been deleted. It also does not recommend installing third-party apps and giving them access to your data, which is why you should read the privacy policy of the third-party app before installing it.

According to a blog, Android Jefe, the WhatsApp notifications are logged in the phone memory and stays there till the device is restarted. The user can read them even if it has been deleted from the application. Check out the following steps to understand how to read notification history.

Step 1 - From Google Play Store, download the app called Notification History. Launch the app and give it all the necessary device permissions.

Step 2 - You can now sift through the entire log to search for the deleted WhatsApp messages that you wanted to read. There is a caveat although - grouped message notification could be hard to be broken down into individual messages. Moreover, it will require you to cruising through the entire log to find the messages.

You can also check notification history with another app Nova Launcher. Some android phones have them built-in.