PIB Fact Check video channel on YouTube does not exist

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PIB Fact Check (Image tweeted by @PIBFactCheck)
PIB Fact Check (Image tweeted by @PIBFactCheck)

New Delhi : The Press Information Bureau (PIB) shares its Fact Check reports via Twitter handle @PIBFactCheck; it informed that some YouTube channels have been formed by fake users by the same name and claim them to be official channel, which is not the case.

"Some #YouTube channels by the name "PIB Fact Check" are claiming to be the official channel of the PIB Fact Check," they wrote on Twitter.

"#PIBFactCheck: These channels are #FAKE. We are NOT on YouTube," the tweet added.

It is common to see people making YouTube channels on the name of famous things to gain overnight popularity by misleading people. Same is the case with PIB Fact Check.

Since many user on YouTube were not aware of the fact that there is no official channel of the government authority, some mischievous people created one with the same name.

Now, it has been clarified that PIB Fact Check is not on YouTube yet.