1 family dress carrying 90-year-long legacy with seven girls

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Pink dress legacy
Pink dress legacy

Washington : 90 years back Teresa Hatfield had started the tradition with a pink dress which has been wore by seven girls of her family. The dress (in the picture) was first framed on Jann Cissna in 1951 then Teresa did it in 1962 and since then all girls in the family made it a practice to get a picture clicked in the dress.

The dress was purchased for $25 for the first time.

68-year-old Cissna says this has become a tradition and also a way to keep a connect with the family.

The family scheduled a photo shoot for late July, when Summer wore the faded pink and white vintage dress and sat for pictures.

"The pink used to be really pink, and the lace that's yellow now was a white white," Cissna said. "Nobody's worn it other than to take the pictures."

(Cissna quotes have been taken from USA Today)